All our Tickets are Mobile Tickets

All our Tickets are Mobile Tickets

Entrance Tickets :

At all our events the tickets are Mobile Only - QR codes. Those Mobile Only QR codes are linked to your Paylogic - MYORDER- account.

Tickets on paper print or screenshots are NOT valid entrance tickets. Only the representation with moving images which is created from your MYORDER account are valid for your entrance.

If you purchase tickets for your friends you can just send their tickets directly to them. Follow the steps in your MYORDER account “SEND2FRIEND”.

Ticket RESALE platform :

Tickets are only transferrable on the Paylogic RESALE Platform. You can access this platform from within your MYORDER account.

Note : Tickets obtained from other resale platforms like TicketSwap are not valid entrance tickets.

All our events are CASHLESS :

You can purchase your drinks, food and lockers at all event locations – Melkweg – WesterUnie – GasHouder – Paradiso only with bank/credit-cards – all events work CASHLESS. We accept all major credit-cards / bankcards.

Lockers :

You can purchase in pre-sales lockers for our main Saturday Pride event : FunHouse XXL – Pride edition. A few days before the event you will receive via email your locker code information. For lockers purchased during an event you need your smartphone as it will work with a QR based reservation system.

Lockers at Melkweg and Paradiso can only be reserved at the event itself. This is also via a QR code based reservation system for which you will need your smartphone.

Weekend Ticket combinations :

You will receive a wristband upon the first entrance at an event. This wristband replaces the original ticket. Your wristband should not be cut nor removed. Once broken the QR code on the wristband will lose its validity.

I can't find my ticket confirmation :

You can retrieve your tickets at following URL :