DJ RADO launched into his career in Sydney Australia back in 2004 with instant et impressive moments. In the immediate years to follow, Rado flourished at residencies in leading locations across Sydney. His abbreviated list of DJ haunts includes the city’s top super club, Home, and the giant halls at Sydney Mardi Gras' Sleaze Ball, Fox Studios plus week to week at Manacle, Arq, Midnight Shift, The Phoenix, Colombian.

Fans favoured his performance style as traversing the genres of progressive, house, tribal, tech, et deep-house with rare effortlessness, swiftly creating an energetic and effective fusion of accessible and underground sounds. Unfortunately for his Sydney fans, Rado returned to his home continent in 2008, setting up his base in the iconic dance hub Amsterdam.

Fortunately for the European fans, Rado is thriving and in demand in Western Europe. His new focus on a rhythmic twist of house et tech led to his 5 years headline residency at seminal local party Bear Necessity at Odeon, and pushing deeper in boutique rooms at Club Church, Hard On, and The Web.

Rado was an early advocate of the digital revolution - a pioneer of DJing on CDs when most jocks insisted vinyl was the future (nice one guys!) - and now embraces unrestricted digitalism via Traktor software in order to enjoy the freedom of remixing on the fly as he adds vocals et beats in his DJ sets.

On tour, it's all killers, no fillers. Catch Rado's working the hotspots at ADE (Amsterdam), Gay Village (Rome), Wonderland (Zurich), Greenkomm (Cologne), UC (Frankfurt), Naughty/Hunkut (Brussels), and Madbear (Madrid), or on air on Sorry Shoes Global Radio Shows (Gone1.fm, totaldjwebradio, cyberbeatfm, 95.9.fm Hawaii).

In the recent past you could catch DJ Rado live touring for Amsterdam's Bear Necessity mark in Tel Aviv's peak fiesta in June; Red et Blue (Antwerp); and at Amsterdam's own Milkshake Festival.

He made the jump barely 2 years ago, remixing with Mike Kelly. Their first result was huge. Their remix of “Don’t” for Londoners Tom Marchant and Lizzie France totally blew the clubs away and was the top Beatport 2012 download for the label Sorry Shoes in Germany. Their follow-up was Nacho Chapado "Trust In The Universe" (Mike Kelly et Eastnwest Mix) on Guaraber Recordings, and more recently teaming up with Mike plus conspirators (violinist) Dylan Naylor, JR Cologne for Giangi Cappai's Alma Matris classic "Circuito" (Mantra Vibes) et Tom Stephan's cult cut revamped as Ben Manson et Gerald Henderson - "Magic Orgasm" for Twisted.


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