My passion for dance/electronic music evolved from an early age of 15, however it was House Music I fell in love with.

I somehow felt the music take to a different world and thats when I convinced myself that I had musical ears and started to play in clubs and start to produce great music from 2009.

Being one of the DJ's at Babilom Gay Club, Metropol, Open Closet, Bunker Bcn this fueled my passion and led me to work with some great names in music doing remixes and musical sessions with the likes of Alain Jackinsky,Tommy Love,Edson Pride,Edu Quintas,Djay Thiago,G-Martin,Tiago Vibe,Enrry Senna,Coqui Selection,Roberto Sansixto GSP and DJ Flamefly.

I love playing, big room, vocally infused circuit/progressive/tribal.
Also to keep things fresh, I use a lot of mash-ups which I tend to create prior to playing anywhere combining old classics with the more recent releases.

I have recently been to play at new clubbing hot spot for Ireland, PROFILE.
In which I have become a resident. In working with my new Manager Kevin Bingham I have appeared on guest mix with Gaydio Radio and have been booked to play Dublin Gay Pride the same event as Matinee and also Manchester club Aftershock.


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